‘My Massive Cock’ Documentary

After spending the majority of his life ashamed of his size, Matt Barr came into the public eye in 2022 with his appearance in the Channel 4 documentary ‘My Massive Cock’ (originally titled ‘Too Large For Love’), where he hoped to address some of the myths around size. Sadly, the documentary did perpetuate a few of these – most notably, the scene where one participant claimed he “couldn’t hide” his size, while walking around in grey sweatpants while fluffed with no underwear on.

Despite underreporting his size (mixing up his flaccid size for his erect) and only been shown at his smallest (after ice-cold swimming), he soon learned through medical consultation he was the biggest man to appear on the programme. Following the show, his participation in a penis size study under medical supervision confirmed he has surpassed the previous record (27cm, Bondil et. al, 1992-1995). The initial interest from this documentary helped spur him to write this compelling memoir.