About the Book

The mythical double-digit endowment is something talked about in lockerroom whispers or on dubious porn sites. But for one man, it’s all too real – and something that has shaped his entire life.

In a journey of body confidence, male mental health and a healthy dose of taboo busting, Matt Barr shares his journey of being an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift. Read along with the journey of a mild-mannered Cambridge graduate who has found his life destroyed by the enormity in his trousers. It’s a tale of obsessive partners, jealous friends and false expectations. Its locations range from outrageous London sex parties and Hawaiian nude beaches, to the awkward reality of hiding a bulge during a work presentation. Both a hysterical look at an unusual life and a fascinating in-depth dive into how much size really matters, ‘A Long Story’ is sure to be an unmissable read.

‘A Long Story: Life With One Of The World’s Biggest Penises’ – Matt Barr

Keep an eye out for the book due late 2024/early 2025*

* We are hoping to publish it alongside the results of the on-going DGU penis size study